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Rapid Defrost Patent

Alternative heat pumps can suffer from being inefficient in cold temperatures, uneconomically wasting time, money, and electrical energy on defrosting themselves and not doing the job they were installed to do.


In cold humid conditions, like those in the UK, frost and ice will form on pump components. If left unchecked this can build up to become thick ice. Ice build-up adversely affects efficiency and falling ice can be dangerous.


Hyrax Systems are built with our exclusive patented and automated Rapid Defrost system. Operating, when an environmental trigger point is reached, for just 2 minutes every 6 hours, it prevents the formation of ice on the panels while using very little energy to do so and keeping the system operating as efficiently as possible.


This system enables the Hyrax to operate at temperatures as low as -10oC in all weather conditions in countries and conditions that alternative heat pumps cannot operate in, or require long, energy intensive, periods of defrosting.


Caldarium has a structured pipeline of R&D to further increase CO2 savings and open new green markets for Caldarium, to ensure it stays at the forefront of the thermodynamic heat pump market and can offer users the best return on their investment.

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