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Our Vision

Caldarium is a company intent on using its technology and RnD pipeline of CO2 and Hybrid systems to drive the transition to green heating, hot water and power generation through leveraging its growing partnerships to change and accelerate the green energy market development in a way that can be rapid, cost effective, and not reliant on government handouts.


Through combining the unique features of the Hyrax systems and continuing to expand our network of product partners we are able offer new build and retrofit domestic and commercial property owners a complete package of green heating and energy systems that will save them money, help the environment, and enable them to meet their ESG targets.


By growing our relationship with energy supply firms and others, we will can partner with them to offer our systems and packages to consumers on a Heat As A Service model changing the way consumer energy markets work forever and enabling people of all socio-economic backgrounds to switch to green heating and energy systems in an affordable way, without relying on government grants to consumer markets.


As our RnD pipeline continues along its development track we will be able to bring to market increasingly efficient and larger hybrid Hyrax based systems that can be used for large scale heat and power generation for heat networks and the power grid. This opens a huge new market for Hyrax but more importantly for the green energy market has the potential to revolutionise and stabilise its production costs and pricing to the market making the green transition more affordable for all.


One System One Ambitious Goal, and it’s all achievable.

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