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Caldarium Systems

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Caldarium offers domestic, commercial, and public sector customers fully integrated energy efficient systems to heat and power properties, enabling them to reduce their energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint.

Our Hyrax EcoSystem provides a flexible range of products and services, including our proprietary Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pumps that work by absorbing and harnessing the ambient temperature and environment around them.

Our Vision
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Our Approach

Reputation and trust matters, so we put our clients' needs and their environmental aims at the forefront of all we do, only proposing a solution if we believe it is the best solution for them.  


As a company we are using our technology, supported by our R&D pipeline, to play our role in driving the transition to green heating, hot water and power generation. Through combining the unique features of the Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pump and the wider Hyrax EcoSystem, we leverage partnerships to create and accelerate that change in a way that is affordable, cost effective, and sustainable.

Hyrax EcoSystem

The Hyrax Ecosystem is a flexible package of products including the Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pump, AI monitoring systems, highly efficient heating and cooling systems, and efficiency boosting thermodynamic additives.


Each product offered provides efficiency to a property’s energy system. Used in conjunction with other elements of the Hyrax Ecosystem they cumulatively enhance the performance further. 


The Hyrax EcoSystem is designed to help clients lower their energy consumption, energy costs, and greenhouse emissions, while still maintaining the level of comfort that they desire with hot water, heating, and cooling all on demand.

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Why not try out EcoPlanAdviser. 

EcoPlanAdviser, is an AI-powered plain language tool designed to provide information and insights on various environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems and issues to consider when considering installing one.

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